Natural Paw

Paw Natural is an animal nutrition company specializing in healthy pet foods. We seek to offer healthy and nutritious snacks to dogs and pet lovers around the world.

Our food has everything your four-legged companion needs for a balanced diet that keeps you healthy and nourished.

Paw Natural is a Premium brand and our foods are made from 100% fresh meat - and it's the only ingredient! We have the best selection of vacuum dehydrated meats, which retain all the nutritional properties and flavor for a varied and complete diet.

Give your pet the chance to live a long life by feeding it natural, nutritious foods that keep it healthy inside and out.

Frequently asked questions

You can find interesting information below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions that are not here.
  • How is Paw Natural food made?

    Paw Natural food is made in Europe as naturally as possible. It is made with a single ingredient - 100% fresh meat. No chemicals are added during the production process. Simply the best selection of vacuum dehydrated meats, retaining nutritional properties and flavor.

    Once produced, Paw Natural food undergoes strict quality control so that it can be sold on the market.

  • What are the main benefits of these delicious snacks?

    - 100% meat and 100% natural; - easy digestion, healthy and nutritious; - free of Gluten or Grades; - rich in protein: - no additives or preservatives;

  • Are the foods suitable for dogs of different ages and sizes?

    Most of our snacks are suitable for training and therefore are suitable for any type of age and breed of your dog. In particular, wet foods are soft, the ideal texture for dogs. As they are complete and nutritious foods, they serve for your pet's dinner.

  • What is the best snack to train my dog?

    Paw Natural food is the right choice to reinforce certain behaviors of your dog. When training your dog, you should reinforce certain behavior patterns with a reward, which "programs" your pet. If you are looking for a suitable food to train your dog, our snacks are the right choice! Nutritious and 100% healthy snacks, available in different meat varieties so you can surprise your faithful companion with a different taste.

    The size of the snack and the variety of meat allows you to train your dog with repetitive exercises, achieving good results without overfeeding. Offer your dog different varieties of snacks and let him choose the most satisfying ones. Paw Natural foods that make you more energetic and excited, will help your dog maintain focus and performance. Reward your faithful companion with snacks he values, according to the level of score you get during training.

  • What is the durability of food?

    All snacks have a shelf life of 2 years, provided they are kept below 14ºC. Moist foods have a shelf life of one year and once opened, they must be kept in the refrigerator.

  • Are dry foods better than wet foods?

    Dry food has several benefits: it is easier to store and serve. It contains less odor and is more likely to spoil after opening. Wet foods are very beneficial for dogs that need to drink more water. We recommend that you speak to your veterinarian if in doubt.